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Anonymous whispered: LUCERIK


  • Who made the first move; 

Holy shit I don’t know. Probably Lucy though!

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; 

Erik would probably be enough of a sappy shit to do this.

  • How often they fight; 

What do you mean, ‘fight’? Their life is 100% Lucy teasing Erik. Just that.

  • Who’s big spoon/little spoon; 

Erik is big spoon, Lucy is little spoon, mostly because he’s so tall, and holy shit i’m laughing imagining erik trying to be little spoon.

  • What their nicknames are for each other; 


  • Who’s the better cook; 

Definitely Erik, he actually CAN cook unlike Lucy.

  • Their song; 

I have absolutely no idea omfg it’d probably be something defying gender standards???

  • Who remembers their anniversaries; 

Erik makes sure to flamboyantly mark them on the calendar so it’s a statistical impossibility that anyone would forget.

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 

defy gender standards I MEAN. To be honest idk, all they’ve ever been doing is making fun of each other mostly lucy teasing erik imeanwhat

  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 


  • How they would get engaged;

They’re sitting in the couch and one of them makes a joke about getting married and the other one’s like. “Yeah ok.”

  • What their wedding would be like;

It would probably be an extremely simple wedding only to lead to a huge wedding party with a lot of food

  • How many kids they’ll have; 

Probably only one or two, pff. Mama Erik is a good stay-at-home mama, but after having to deal with baby pukes he’s had enough.

Anonymous whispered: Bailence


  • Who made the first move; 

Florence I guess. Petting Baile’s head like that. Unless him buying her a phone counts. 

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; 

Florence probably. Baile’s been hurt and guards a bit. >:

  • How often they fight; 

Maybe once a month about something stupid

  • Whose big spoon/little spoon; 

Florence for little spoon. What did I say about height? Baile’s a giant so.

  • What their nicknames are for each other; 

"Hay Baile" and "Aunt Flo" //SHOT 

  • Whose the better cook; 

Florence. Baile doesn’t even know what a homecooked meal is.

  • Their song; 

Yuki Kajiura - A Bit of Happiness

  • Who remembers their anniversaries; 

Florence remembers a lot better than Baile and then he feels like shit for forgetting. ;A;

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 

Get milkshakes? Eat cookies? Silly little outings that don’t seem important but are a ton of fun anyways.

  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 

Baile. Flo’s just so meek. ;;

  • How they would get engaged;

Baile would try to do something like super, suuuper over the top and it would probably go very wrong and something would explode and he’d end up frustrated “I JUST WANTED TO ASK FOR YOUR HAND. ;A;”

  • What their wedding would be like;

Super white and pink and some big to-do. Probably outside, maybe on the beach.

  • How many kids they’ll have; 

Five. Maybe more. Baile loves babies and the process of making them.


matching cat hoodies 

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artist: Nanase Haruka (CV.Shimazaki Nobunaga)
album: Free! Eternal Summer ED Ver. Solo Nanase Haruka
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Lisa Mishima’s “poor life choices” (Long post full of sarcasm)


I’m going through the ZNT tag (not even the Lisa tag) and these Lisa!hate posts keep coming up and I’ve yet to see one that makes any sense. A post in which the person actually backed up their statements with true facts. Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, and hate doesn’t have to be rationalized to be valid since it’s an emotion. But since some people hating on Lisa seem to believe we Lisa supporters are delusional and can’t see the facts, I thought it’d be fun to do a breakdown of one of the most used arguments against her and explain why, in my humble opinion, it is ridiculous to hate her for it:

"Lisa has made poor choices and she’s at fault for what is happening"

Let’s take a look at Lisa’s choices on all 8 episodes so far:

  • She is given the option of becoming an accomplice or dying alone in a building that is about to collapse. She decides to LIVE.  Woah, woah what? what kind of life choice is that? Damnit, Lisa. Why did you decide to keep breathing?
  • She runs away because she is bullied at school and her mom makes life at home another kind of hell.  Lisa, Lisa… wait… what are you doing? Deliberately taking action because life is becoming unbearable? Girl, have you ever heard of a little thing called suicide? Are you actually trying to preserve your mental health or something? You are a danger to society, thinking so much about your own well-being. Who does that?
  • Twelve stalks her and threatens her. She keeps her mouth shut and when he shows up again, she asks to be left alone. Which he doesn’t do.  Lisa, baby, why do you keep forcing yourself on people like that? Damn, I wish you hadn’t forced Twelve to start caring. Manipulating another person’s emotions. So not cool. And on top of all of that you decide to be happy because he showed concern. How dare you relish in that feeling? You monster.
  • She decides to get on Twelve’s bike and lets him take her to his and Nine’s place. Wait, why didn’t she choose to spend one more night on the street? Is it that hard to be homeless and alone? Who would have guessed? Lisa just doesn’t seem to be thinking like a normal person at all.
  • Lisa tries to make herself useful and participates on a mission. But she’s all agitated and jumpy. How dare she be nervous and on the edge? Don’t all people take at least one course in school on how to remain cool while breaking the law? Did she not take introduction to terrorism 101? Has this girl been living under a rock all her life? Damn. Then Five, like the fucking genius that she is, manages to spot her and forces her into a plane with a bomb. Lisa, why did you ask Five to do that? This won’t look good on your terrorist record. Being found out on your VERY FIRST mission and locking yourself on a plane with a bomb all the while trying to blame it on someone else? Shame on you.
  • She calls Twelve because she literally has no one else to help her. Goddamnit, Lisa. What did I just tell you? Why are you so adamant on staying alive? Why? Why? You selfish brat. Calling for help. How dare you? HOW.DARE.YOU.CALL.FOR.HELP.BECAUSE.YOU.DON’T.WANT.TO.DIE.ALONE.ON.A.PLANE.THAT.IS.ABOUT.TO.EXPLODE.? UUUUGHHHH. I’m starting to understand the hate, you guuuys.
  • She opens the door the next day and happily receives a package that contains a bomb. Damn, you got me here. This girl does not think ahead. Now, let’s just take a moment and imagine the alternative, shall we? In this crazy alternate universe Lisa does not answer the door. Five, not having predicted this turn of events decides to happily take back the bomb and try again some other day—waiiiit a second, that doesn’t sound very Five-ish… So maybe the mailman is told to simply leave the package at the door in case no one answers (she sure has another way to detonate it right? We are talking about FIVE, girl thinks about everything)… then maybe the bomb detonates and kills Lisa before Nine and Twelve get back… or maybe Nine and Twelve get back just in time to be a part of the fireworks! Yay! Damnit, why did Lisa have to go and rob us of this alternative?  Once again, she clings onto dear life, the bitch.
  • Nine makes sure Lisa knows how much of a bad, bad girl she has been and Twelve starts having second thoughts about what has been his and Nine’s life goal. Lisa overhears this and decides to leave because she’s clearly in the way. This selfish kid. I swear. Always thinking about herself. I guess she just loves the streets too much. Park benches, rapists, and the risk of hypothermia sound too compelling to just let the opportunity pass.
  • Five, of course, captures her and Lisa has the gall to ask her to leave her terrorist friends alone. Lisa, why must you be so evil? 
  • Twelve leaves Nine so he can go and try to save Lisa. Nine *begs* him to stay (as people love to put it) and *le gasp* Twelve decides not to listen. Turns out the guy can think for himself and the option Nine is giving him will very likely get him killed as well. But at a later time. Muuuch better. Die now trying to save the innocent girl you couldn’t just leave alone, or… die later exacting sweet, sweet revenge with only bitterness in your soul? Neither sound very compelling, what with actually staying alive not seeming to be an option. Still, wrong or right, he decides he will give himself the possibility of dying for a different cause. But don’t worry. It wasn’t really Twelve spouting all that nonsense.He was simply channeling Lisa’s spirit in this scene and so it wasn’t really him deciding to part ways with his friend. These two grown ups were forced into this situation by Lisa’s supernatural abilities of body and mental manipulation.

    You win, haters, count me in in your little club. This manipulative bitch has been controlling the people on this show for too long and must be stopped. Quickly, Five! dispose of her already before she starts controlling you as well. Witch! Witch!

To end this little sarcastic rant of mine, I just want to say that Lisa has been choosing LIFE from the very first episode of this show. How is that bad?

Someone who chooses to live and get another shot at a life in a world that has showed her nothing but contempt and hostility can’t possibly be labeled as weak.

Hate her all you want but don’t pin your delusions on her as if they were canon. She has done nothing to be the recipient of your frustrations. 

If you’re already hating on her then own to it in a way that makes more sense. I’ve actually seen posts that say they can’t stand her because most of the fandom idolizes her… THAT IS SINCERE. Kind of immature, but sincere and honest nonetheless. Kudos to you, person who isn’t afraid to voice their opinion without making up random excuses that make no sense.

Or you know, ignore this and keep blaming her “poor” choices, her “weakness” or “how absurdly real she is”.  Just know that those aren’t very good arguments. *shrugs*


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Anonymous whispered: Okay, but I saw your last post and couldn't help but think about Twelve bringing an armful of kittens home and Nine trying to pretend they don't exist but they keep climbing all over him and his stuff and Lisa freaking out but also petting every cat that gets near her.


LMAO THATS ADORABLE thank you for that anon


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shake it like a polaroid picture


imageif you’re a terrorist

imageand I’m a terrorist



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